What’s so – We got Hot Desks! What is a hot desk you ask?. Well Wikipedia states Hot desking is an office organization system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods. At Momentum Coffee and Coworking it means we have a desk with your name on it! After a long wait we are able to begin accepting daily reservations for dedicated desks or hot desks to allow for a change of scenery for all our working from home (WFH) friends. We currently have 4 desks located in the back of our space located at 2119 S State Street. Along with your daily reservation, enjoy free drip coffee all day, discount on all food and drink, access to high speed internet and to our copy center. Want to learn more? Reach out and take a tour https://www.momentumcoffee.org/en/tour

Final thoughts: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” H. Ford

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