Momentum Coffee and Coworking has officially been open for 1 yr, today!! A lot has been accomplished in this past year. As Momentum enters year 2 it reiterates its commitment to powering under-resourced individuals and improving prosperity and wealth equity in the community.

Momentum’s iconic logo is the power symbol – universally recognized, and refers to “powering up, empowering others and powering the community!” Momentum continues to be an open-to-the-public Incubator that focuses on coffee, coworking and providing an event space to entrepreneurs and other community members.

Tracy Powell, co-founder, emphasizes the power of intentional partnerships to make Momentum work. “How have we survived? Through our relationships with people and intentional partnerships!" says Tracy enthusiastically.

Nikki Bravo, co-founder, describes Momentum as a place where good coffee, community, and technology come together with ease. “This is really about community - bringing together people that can work together and leverage each other in a space that sells really good coffee,” Nikki says.

Come out and experience Momentum Coffee for yourself and help #keepthemomentum!

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