What’s so – People and Partnerships make things happen. We recently announced our new breakfast sandwiches! But the reason we are so thrilled goes beyond these great tasting sandwiches we get to offer our customers. We are excited about the intentional partnership with ChiFresh Kitchen, Chicago’s local, black-owned food contractor. We are so proud of this partnership as ChiFresh is a Chicago-based women- and minority-owned business. They are structured as a worker cooperative, where every worker has the opportunity to share in the governance and profits of the business. The majority of their workers live on the South or West sides of the City and were formerly incarnated. And to top it all off the sandwiches are delicious! What more can you ask for? We love the community and opportunities that continue to get created through people and partnerships. We hope to see you soon to try one!

Final thoughts: "The more generous we are, the more joyous we become. The more cooperative we are, the more valuable we become. The more enthusiastic we are, the more productive we become. The more serving we are, the more prosperous we become." ~ W. Arthur Ward

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