What’s so – Going from Vision to Reality takes Action. Our resident visionary is Mr. Tracy G. Powell. For nearly 14 years he had this idea of a coffee shop for a loooong time. It was never really the right – time, location, partners and the reasons go on. But over the years this dream of a coffee shop developed into a vision of a location to convene all the ideas he is a passionate about. Tracy’s vision was for a spot that is accessible to all people and Momentum Coffee and Coworking began to take form. As the vision become clearer the actions to make this bring this into form began to be clearer and clearer. Momentum combine’s Tracy’s passion for development, serving the community and small businesses, creating with family and friends and of course making really good coffee.

#PowerUp Shout Outs – We recognize the vision of the Tracy G. Powell for his work to bring Momentum Coffee to the South loop in Chicago. He exemplifies how we can move forward even when faced with a world of uncertainty.

Final Thoughts – “The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that a dreamer has his eyes closed and a visionary has his eyes open” ― Martin Luther King Jr., #powerup #keepthemomentum #momentumcoffee #coffeeandcoworking #smallbusinessmatters. See you soon!

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