What’s so – More than Coffee! At Momentum we are interested in energizing your body and your business. We sell coffee and we are interested in being a space that provided the much needed information and connections that make a difference. “They” say the more things change the more they stay the same. We seek to transform that! We want to see small businesses win as we know that we all can benefit from that. But something is missing – true connections beyond the soundbites and social media posts there is work to do, everyday, to truly change mindsets, increase capacity and make a change. We are ready to put in that work.

#PowerUp Shout Outs – Today we recognize the members of The Blue Lacuna Coworking Community. It has been difficult to have Blue Lacuna closed during this time but we know that our members are resilient and we will be seeing them again soon.

Final Thoughts – We operate from the belief “You will be successful if you help others succeed”. #coworking #coffeeandcoworking #powerup #keepthemomentum #bluelacuna. Hope to see you soon!

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