Recap- This year in Chicago, Cinco de Mayo was overcast, rainy and a chilly. But at Momentum Coffee in Chicago’s Southloop we had hot coffee and warm welcomes for those that order through the Joe's Coffee mobile app. We had a lot of support from the Southloop Community! We have been in and around this area for a time as part of the Daystar Academy Community and it's great to now be a part of the small business network vital to the Southloop Chicago.

Collaboration Shout Outs – AAAAMAZING is the word that comes to mind when we think about our partner Joe Nelson AKA cujadoh on Facebook. Joe provided the art for the space. Furthermore, he really worked with us to capture the warmth and create a welcoming space. Check out his work at Cujodah Studio. After the stay-at-home order is lifted we hope to showcase his work in the space.

Final Word – We are still at it! Each day we are encourage to Keep the Momentum! Hope to see you soon!

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