What’s so – You asked We Answered! We now have beans for sale at our South Loop location. One of the top 3 questions we get at Momentum Coffee is “Do you have beans for sale?” Followed closely by “When will you have beans for sale?” Funny and true. Happy to we have Dark Matter coffee beans for sale that you can conveniently pick up when you stop by to #powerup your day! As of this post we have 3 options.

The ever popular Unicorn Blood – Espresso Blend This espresso will tease your palate's deepest pleasures with massive walnut aroma, creamy peanut butter body, and an intense yet balanced milk chocolate finish.

We will also have A Love Supreme Exuding rich cocoa and walnut aromatics, fudge-like viscosity, and a lingering cordial cherry finish, this dynamo blend stands strong even through cream and sugar. A Love Supreme is a comfort coffee and a pleasure for palates of all generations.

And third and equally wonderful is Giant Steps – The Dark Roast A Premiere dark roast will produce flavors of molasses and bakers chocolate and pairs perfectly with a splash of cream or a dash of sugar.

Final thoughts: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” Z. Ziglar… Momentum wants you to get great coffee. Until we see you #keepthemomentum
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