What’s so – You can’t fight City Hall as the saying goes. AND sometimes you don’t have to! Throughout the process of planning, developing and opening Momentum Coffee we had to interact with the City of Chicago. As a former city employee it was interesting being on the other side. But I’m pleased to share the process was pretty smooth – not necessarily quick from an anxious business owner perspective– but smooth. The personnel in the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection really worked to help us through the process with as little back and forth as possible. I mean they respond to emails timely!! We were able to get our inspection and business license even with all that is going on. This was a tremendous help in order to move our business to the next stage of opening!

#PowerUp Shout Outs – To Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Commissioner Rosa Escareno, Chief Business Officer Kenya Merritt and the staff at the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) for their hard work and diligence to help small businesses – We thank you!

Final Thoughts – “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others “Booker T. Washington #keepthemomentum #momentumcoffee #coffeeandcoworking #smallbusinessmatters. See you soon!

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