Momentum Coffee and Coworking in Chicago officially opened its doors for mobile and carryout orders! And in the words of our 7 year old “It went perfectly!”.

Recap- There were 5 of us (see the picture) Tracy G Powell, Nikki Bravo, Kaia Powell, Tessa Matchain and Krystal Powell to open and receive our first customers. There was nervous excitement, but we knew we were prepared. After releasing any expectations related to number of sales or number of people coming by and turning to focus on what was important – creating and bringing Momentum Coffee and Coworking to the world (at least Chicago) – we celebrated the milestone with pizza (from another Southloop business Lou Malnati's and of course Dark Matter Coffee.

Collaboration Shout Outs – There are so many people for us to be grateful for in order to bring this fruition. Special thanks to our neighbor, fellow Day Star Academy parent, friend, and owner of SMB Technology Consulting, Jeff Wiley for his and family’s support, and the tech work to ensure we were connected. On top that the congratulatory edible arrangement received was from the Wileys – so thoughtful.

Final Word – We did it and THANK YOU!

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